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JVK Service: Customer satisfaction is our priority.


Our experts and our service team support you with:

  • Presentation of JVK filter elements and their advantages
  • Commissioning of the filter press and filter elements
  • Development for special applications according to customer requirements
  • Filterability tests with our test filter presses at JVK or at the customer's site
  • Process optimization
  • Help with filtration problems
  • Replacement of accessories and spare parts such as membranes, filter cloths and other materials
If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your filter press, please do not hesitate to contact us.


You intend to equip your new filter press with adequate (highly efficent) filter plates. Please fill out the questionnaire correctly. The more detailed your information, the faster we can make you a corresponding offer for the filter plates.

» Questionnaire (PDF)


Old filter presses can be modified and upgraded or expanded with new filter elements.

Please send us drawings or sketches of the existing filtration system or of the filter plates. The following questionnaire serves as support for the description of any problems with regard to process engineering, chemical resistance, etc.

» Questionnaire (PDF)


In order to process your inquiry or your order quickly, we kindly ask you to fill out the questionnaire (PDF) for the preparation of our offer, as thoroughly as possible and send it by email to or by fax to +49 (0) 9172 / 707-77.

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Flowchart of a filtration


Filtration Examples

Application in various industries:

  • Palm Oil     0.11
  • Industrial Waste Water  (1.14)
  • Municipal Waste Water  (1.40)
  • Mining Industry  (2.05)
  • Land Recultivation  (2.22)
  • Flue-Gas Scrubbing  (5.50)



Non-destructive, screwless SNAP-FIT connection for single side filter cloth, overhang type filter cloth and wear parts for all kind of filter plates.
Quick-and-easy to mount - quick-and-easy to remove.

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Standardized processes (SOP) and the use of the latest CAD software guarantee a consistently high quality standard for our products. Our quality management system covers all areas of our company as well as occupational safety. Constant improvement, optimization and quality are mandatory for JVK in all areas.

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