J. J. VOWINCKEL GMBH was the first company to start the production of polyolefine filter elements in the filtration field of application. Even today filter plates manufactured at that time are still in operation.

1962 - 1982
In the following years membrane and chamber plates were developed and optimized for various applications, in many details and in different sizes.

JVK Filtration Sytems GmbH took over production equipment and know-how for manufacturing of filter elements from J. J. Vowinckel GmbH.

JVK acquired the competitor HANSEN BTR.
Membrane plates with exchangeable rubber membranes completed the JVK product line.

JVK expanded the production capacity by taking over the production facilities for filter plates from a well known filter press manufacturer.

JVK today is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative filter elements made from thermoplastic and other materials, which are worldwide successfull in operation.

JVK offers since 60 years high technical standard know-how and great experience in the field of the solid-liquid separation, as well as engineering and processing for manufacturing filter elements in state of the art. Permanent investments in new technologies are the basis of our success.

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JVK Filtration Systems is a manufacturer of filter elements, made of thermoplastics and aluminum, for solid-liquid separation with different Filtration Systems.

JVK-Filter Elements are used successfully in many industries around the world. The success of the company and the special performance are based on: :

  • Decades of experience in process and filtration technology
  • High quality standards of the products
  • Modern production techniques
  • Production flexibility that meets customer requirements
  • Investing in the latest technologies
  • Comprehensive advice and service, also on site
  • Fast solution of filtration problems
  • Optimization of filtration processes
The activities of JVK on the world market are supported by our agencies, as well as presentations of our products at international trade fairs and lectures.

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Company size

Staff: ca. 170 employees
Commercial space: ca. 38.000 square meters
Filter plate production: well over 2 million filter elements are successfully in use since 1962

Project management / construction

The 3D CAD system in the construction department, in cooperation with the project management, enables flexible and fast order processing, taking customer requirements into account.

Development / innovation

New and further developments of filter elements and other products take on a high priority, also with special consideration of customer requests. Innovations in material, design and processes are adapted to customer requirements.

Technical center / application technology

The technical center supports development and quality assurance with tests and functional checks of new materials, designs and process technologies. Material tests and determined process parameters are created from the ongoing production

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Picture above:  Moulding  |  CNC milling 
Picture below:  Quality control |  Finishing


the moulding of the thermoplastic raw material into filter plates takes place according to the JVK-ICM-SYSTEM on various systems:

  • For products of different thicknesses on specially developed form clamping units in the sizes 500x500 mm up to 3000x4000 mm.
  • One-piece molded parts up to 1 ton can be easily produced with these systems.
  • The thermal energy required for pressing the filter plates is generated using new technology.

Mechanical production

In addition to the drilling, welding and surface processing machines for filter elements, the mechanical processing is equipped with precise CNC milling machines for sizes up to 3000 x 5000 mm. All required plate designs can be milled according to customer requirements without any problems.

Workshop / mold making

Our workshops are able to manufacture molds for the mold clamping units at short notice. Customer requests can be implemented quickly, individually and economically. Smooth 24-hour production is guaranteed.

Quality control

Ongoing quality controls are carried out with the standard testing devices and specially developed measuring devices. The products are subject to constant control in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
Additional support is provided by the technical center with tests of the process parameters from ongoing production.


Quality control

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